Slurry Cartridge Seal 

Slurry is a challenging media to pump and seal due to abrasiveness and chemical composition of pumped media.
Where the Specific Gravity (SG) is high a double seal design is usually advised where a lower SG can usually be accommodated by a single seal design.
Double Slurry Seals use barrier or buffer fluid as required by the application or API plan and this is essential for performance.
This requires a support system to manage the barrier/buffer fluid.
Seal Support
Supplied with various materials on sealing faces, o-rings and metal parts.
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S136 Photo

SPSS (Slurry Plate Spring Seal)

SPSS Photo

Plate spring with protected o-ring single seal

S212 / S212H
S212 - S212H Photo

Double cartridge seal, reverse pressure balanced with narrow faces

S212 / S212H

SMSS (Slurry Multiple Spring Seal)

S5860 Edit

Typical dynamic o-ring single cartridge seal


SCSS (Slurry Cone Spring Seal)

SCSS Photo

Rubberized disc spring, rotary design single seal